History of ASHIKA

“ASHIKA” came into being with its former name of “Hiran Mohan Computer and Research Academy for Tribal Languages (HCRATL)” in 1999 due to observation of socio-economic problem in the community in CHT. To survive in these situations our organization’s existence was appreciable to the unemployed youth who were literate but jobless, seeking for assistance but no reliable response. HCRATL provided computer training and consequently started research work on tribal language and ultimately provided language training in Rangamati Hill District which was consequently got initiation to other Hill Districts also. In 2001, this institution became an NGO with the adoption of a constitution and registered under Directorate of Social Welfare. In 2007 the organization also got registered under Joint Stock Company & Farms and in 2012, under Directorate of Youth Development under Ministry of Youth & Sports.In 2018 the organization has got the registration in the name of ASHIKA Development Associates under NGO Affairs Bureau of Prime Minister’s Office,Bangladesh.