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ASHIKA Development Associates will look for qualified and potential staff and members to be part of its management structure and ensure full opportunity for all irrespective of gender, physical ability, religious beliefs, caste and class.  Nevertheless, in the case of appointment to certain posts, it will be specified whether they will be men or women in the intended purpose. ASHIKA Development Associates will apply these policies during recruitment and staff management.  It is important to ensure that the company’s recruitment policy is followed. Once the employees’ jobs are accepted by ASHIKA Development Associates, they will be obliged to accept each other’s powers according to the organization’s position structure and will cooperate with colleagues in their work.  They will also assist their supervisors according to their job description and position.  Employees will show utmost prudence in all the activities of the organization.  Officials shall not disclose or disclose to the public any part of the information that the Office will disclose to the public without the permission of the management or for personal use.  If these legal obligations are lifted at the door of any worker, disciplinary action may be taken against him and he may even be expelled from ASHIKA Development Associates.  ASHIKA Development Associates promotes a culture of participation, openness, independence and teamwork.  Here, observation and evaluation are primarily seen as a learning tool.  Program implementation, employee work results, and program costs are monitored regularly.  ASHIKA Development Associates is the Executive Director for the effective execution of institutional and program-related strategic matters.  Form a Senior Management Committee consisting of Program Director / Program Manager and Program Coordinator.  The Senior Management Committee will coordinate the various levels of overall supervision, guidance, strategic management, management and development processes of ASHIKA Development Associates.


Admin Team Member of ASHIKA

Ms. Dr. Jhumalia Chakma

Manager Admin

Experience: 9+ years’ experience

Mr. Rabin Chandra Chakma

Admin Officer

BA (Chittagong University)
Experience: 31+ years’ experience

Abesh Chakma

Volunteer (Admin)

MBA (HR & Marketing)
Experience: Volunteer