ASHIKA Development Associates

ASHIKA Development Associates

ASHIKA Governance

The Chairperson is the head of the organization. The General Secretary of the Executive Council by virtue of his position designated as the Executive Director and authorized by the Executive Council to shoulder the operational responsibility of all the development projects undertaken by the organization. The Finance Secretary is overall responsible for management of budget, expenses and fund.

ASHIKA has 3-Tires of Management according to the Constitution of the Organization:

1. General Council

The General Council is the supreme authority of the organization, responsible for the election of Executive Council, amendment of Constitution and approval of fundamental plan and budget.

2. Executive Council

The Executive Council consisting of 7 Members is the authority of managing everyday activities, responsible for the implementation of approved plan, designed projects, income & expenditure of the organization.

3. Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is responsible for guiding the organization, responsible to give valuable recommendations, information etc. There is also a Project Implementation Council/ Committee for the overall management and implementation of the projects. The council is comprised of 7 members headed by Executive Director. The other members of this Council are concerned senior officials of the organization.This may vary project wise.


Purchase Committee

ASHIKA has two Purchase Committee: General Purchase Committee and Special Purchase Committee, which is totally responsible for the organization’s necessary material purchasing with the aim to bring accountability to the organization, consists of the following members:
• Convener- 01
• Member- 02

ASHIKA’s Human Resource

We have formed unity in diversity within our organization. We have staffs; all are belong to different communities. We covered a diverse range of subjects related to non-formal education, sanitation & water supply, right based activities, income generating activities, skill development training for destitute women & adolescent, teaching learning materials in different languages etc. The staff strength is presently reached into 720.We have 100 emergency Volunteer Pool in field. Beside this the organization has volunteers working with different section-Admin, Finance and Program.

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