ASHIKA Development Associates

ASHIKA Development Associates

Message from Founder & Executive Director

ASHIKA is continuously updating its technology platform to enhance its services. Our concentration in technology has enabled us to expand activities base to grass root level. Combining technology and skilled manpower is helping us to reach out to every sectors of community. We would not confine ourselves to traditional NGO. Our organization is fully committed to develop the human resources as the crucial part for organizational development. Human resources are important to gain a competitive edge over competition together with development sector expansion. Development of skilled human resources is also another target of the Organization. The organization has a dedicated team for developing its service quality.


We are heading towards a sustainable development with the adoption of our motto-We believe in Information, Empowerment and Development From the beginning of its existence, the organization has given importance to language and education sector including computer literacy in CHT. Then it observed that women also have an important role in the development of the society, so we organized handloom training to get them skilled and play their active role within family, ultimately within the society. Our organization is sincere to the civic right of the society for which it worked on voter & civic education. With a view to the CHT context shifting cultivation is the only earning source of various communities, our organization has founded out various other alternative sources, then we forwarded with Promoting Livelihoods through Employment and Income Generation in CHT project. After signing of the Peace Accord most of people of CHT is not aware of their right in the Accord even in the laws prevailing in CHT. Our organization has been implementing livelihood project with the aim to disseminate those information and to build awareness on their rights. We are also active to build community participation to manage safe water supply and sanitation with the view to health promotion of rural poor. Our critical social observation has thriven us to forward with income generating activities to get self dependency, for example: mushroom spawn production, fresh mushroom production, bamboo & cane furniture making etc. are eco-friendly. We are also sincere of adolescents section of the society; they are our target group who are getting trained up with various livelihood options.


We believe that every small step will make this organization’s maturity heading towards fulfilling its motto. We strongly believe that 2022 will be another good year for ASHIKA. By adopting and implementing the best strategies for emergencies as well as having a dedicated & skilled management, we will be able to bring sustainable development with improved quality that will maximize value for all the stakeholders.


Since the inception, the organization has undertaken various steps in preserving and promoting the interests of its beneficiaries, stakeholders and employees while serving the greater purpose of sustainable development. Socio-economical development is integrated in the DNA of all activities of the ASHIKA..

Biplop Chakma

Executive Director